Kayaking is an eco-friendly way to experience the native beauty of Crystal River and take a closer look at its wildlife. With a kayak, you can reach places where larger boats are not able to go. Likewise, kayaking is quiet and ensures that birds and animals are not alerted or scared by your presence. This allows you to see manatees, beautiful birds such as herons, egrets and osprey, raccoon turtles, dolphins, blue crabs and apple snails, bald eagles, large tarpons, wild deer and pigs. Kayaking offers a safe, wonderful and unforgettable experience for all who try it.

Is there an age limit to ride a kayak?

Generally, paddling is a perfect activity for children and seniors of any age. There are no official age limits. In fact, children under 3 are allowed in a double kayak as long as they are with adult parents or guardians, and children as young as 8 can be allowed to paddle kayaks that have been customized for younger paddlers. However, there are certain requirements a person should meet in order to go out on a boat that may necessitate age restrictions. For instance, a person must be comfortable in water before kayaking. This means that people may be restricted from kayaking because of their personality, physique and the type of kayaking they plan to do. Children should be able to keep quiet and calm during kayaking trips, particularly when around manatees.

Case-by-case approach

Since there is no official age limit attached to kayaking, any restrictions are applied on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, before riding a kayak, a person should have the generic body size and capacity for the activity. As a general rule, children should be at least 13 years old before they are able to paddle double sea kayaks while children younger than 16 should be accompanied by adults when paddling, with the adults present on the shore and watching them closely. Children ages 16 or 17 can paddle alone if they have a signed parental waiver (a parent or guardian’s discretion is required for child safety). For adults, a case-by-case approach is usually followed, but those 80 and older may be excluded depending on their physique and overall health.

Crystal River kayak rentals

Kayaking is a fantastic way of seeing and swimming with manatees in Crystal River. However, when going on tour with children, it is important to work with a reputable company experienced in family adventures. Such a provider will not only supply a stable, comfortable and safe kayak, but also will customize the kayak to meet the needs of everyone on board. At Captain Mike’s Kayak Rentals, we provide some of the safest kayaks for people of all ages. We have no age limits and there is room in the kayaks for small children. For more information, visit the site Captain Mike’s Kayak Rentals.



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