Best Time To Kayak 300x200With its wonderful tropical climate, shallow clear waters and exceptional natural beauty characterized by undisturbed islands, backwaters, inlets and forests, Florida’s Crystal River is a great kayaking destination for adventurers, photographers and nature lovers. Paddling in the warm waters of Crystal River offers a quiet, thrilling and unforgettable experience, enabling kayakers to get closer to the fish, birds, manatees and wildlife that reside in the shallow waters. Being out on the water, breathing fresh air, watching the beautiful scenery, enjoying the peace and serenity of an uninterrupted environment and engaging in activities that improve your overall health and fitness is a great way to have a variety of lifelong memories and experiences.

So when is the best time to embark on a kayaking adventure?

Due to its often perfectly calm waters, Crystal River is one of the finest kayaking places in the world. However, owing to seasonal weather variations which may at times present a severe risk of storms, it is important for kayakers to take note of the best times to hit the water. The right time usually depends on the climate and weather, which is crucial to avoiding headwinds, storms, hurricanes and any kind of violent weather while targeting enough daylight hours to enable you to reach your destination.


Running roughly from October to March or April, winter is probably the perfect time to go kayaking in Crystal River. During winter, the temperatures are moderate, the waters are calm and severe weather is uncommon. Most kayak trips are usually scheduled during the winter because the good weather offers excellent paddling conditions and coincides with peaks in the number of wildlife. Nevertheless, kayakers should watch out for rain and storms that may accompany the cold fronts coming down from the north.


Characterized by high humidity, thick heat and more formidable threats, the summer generally is not ideal for paddling in Crystal River. In the summer, waterspouts, hurricanes and thunderstorms are quite common, particularly later in the day. If you go out paddling in the summer for any reason you have to watch for storm clouds and potentially violent weather. Make sure to launch your kayak early to avoid the heat and afternoon thunderstorms. By getting off the water by early afternoon you will avoid the almost-inevitable tempests common in the summer.

The best time to go kayaking in Crystal River is winter, but you also may venture out in the summer provided you stay alert to any signs of violent weather. Whenever you go out, make sure to start in early morning so you can end your paddling trip by early afternoon to avoid the strong headwinds, storms and waterspouts that may make your return trip extremely difficult. Working with a kayak rental service with the right equipment, personnel and experience is a great way to ensure your safety and convenience. At Captain Mike’s Kayak Academy, we help kayakers enjoy exhilarating and trouble-free paddling experiences by delivering top-notch, stable and comfortable kayaks at competitive prices. We are strategically located in Crystal River to ensure you get and launch your kayak without a fuss. For more information on how to plan for a wonderful kayaking experience, visit the “Captain Mike’ Kayak Academy” site.


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