Kayaking is an exciting and exhilarating activity that offers a wide range of experiences to outdoor enthusiasts. While for some people it is a way of relieving stress, getting out with friends or bonding with workmates, others take to kayaking to enjoy peace and tranquility and get close to nature. When going out on a kayaking trip, it is important to plan well and to bring all the items necessary for making your trip as comfortable as possible.

Food as a source of energy

So can you bring food on a kayak? Yes, you can. Bringing packed food and drink is absolutely recommended. Kayaking is purely a physical sport that requires energy. So you will need some snacks to boost your energy levels after hours of paddling. Before going on a kayaking trip, make sure to prepare your food portions and pack them in thin, stackable containers with properly fitting lids. During the kayaking trip, you can eat the food under a shade when resting or in the restroom when necessary. It is advisable that you bring more food than you expect to consume.

Enough amount of water

Kayaking is typically done in hot weather, so you will lose a lot of water and salt during the trip. It is recommended that you bring salty food to help you replace the salt that is lost through sweating. Likewise, when you are kayaking in salt water, you should bring extra bottles of purified water or just carry a filtration system. As a kayaker, you also may bring a bottle or more of wine to enjoy during your trip.

Using biodegradable wrappings

Whatever containers you use to carry your food and drink, make sure they are biodegradable. It is also important to take care of your trash and to properly dispose of used wrappings or containers after use. As a kayak rental service, we will help you to dispose of all your trash if you bring it to us at the end of your paddling trip.

The Best Kayaking Experience with Captain Mike’s

At Captain Mike’s Kayak Academy, our clients are our foremost priority. We make every effort to deliver the most stable, comfortable and safe kayaks at competitive prices to all our clients. We work with our customers very closely to ensure they not only enjoy their trips, but also keep their paddling environments clean. When you rent your kayak from us, we ensure that all the fine details of your trip fall neatly in place. For more information on kayaks and kayaking trips, visit the “Captain Mike’s Kayak Academy” site.



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