Not many outdoor activities can offer the thrill and exhilaration, peace and serenity and huge range of beautiful experiences like kayaking in Crystal River, Fl. During such kayaking trips you can see a large number of birds and wildlife, see and swim with manatees, travel along narrow springs and enjoy sceneries that only a very small percentage of people are able reach. Kayaking in Crystal River is easy, fun and memorable, but only if you have a stable, adjustable, tracking, comfortable and safe kayak.

At Captain Mike’s Kayak Academy, we provide stable, comfortable and safe kayaks of different kinds to spring-breakers and other visitors to Crystal River. Captain Mike’s kayaks guarantee the peace of mind and relaxation necessary for exploring the springs and seeing nature up close.

So how much will you be charged to rent a kayak?

At Captain Mike’s we have a huge range of single, tandem, sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks designed to meet the needs of different people and for different trips. You can rent a kayak for a few hours (such as 2 hours) or for a whole day (such as for 8 hours). For the single kayaks, we charge $35 for a half-day and $45 for a full day trip. But for the tandem kayaks, the cost is $55 for a half-day trip and $65 for a full day.

Our kayak rentals are generally by reservations made at least 24 hours in advance. However, we recommend that reservations be made at least 1 week before picking up the kayak. The reservations should indicate the day, time and type of trip for which the kayak is being rented. It is also important to provide the weight of the persons who will use the kayak to allow us to assign you the right boat.

At Captain Mike’s Kayak Academy, we make sure our clients get only the best available kayaks at competitive prices. Come and pick a beautiful kayak from us for your Crystal River paddling trip at a great price. For more information, visit the “’Captain Mike’s Kayak Academy” site.


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