Launching a kayak to Three Sisters Springs and enjoying your time with the fabulous manatees can be thrilling, fun and memorable, particularly when you rent your kayak from a reliable provider. Like any other craft, a kayak needs to be comfortable, adjustable and safe, giving the user the peace of mind necessary for an adventure or exploration trip. At Captain Mike’s Kayak Rentals, you can be sure of a trustworthy provider who puts the comfort and safety of clients above everything else. Captain Mike’s provides a broad range of stable kayaks and top-notch equipment, making kayaking trips in Crystal River, Fl., as relaxing, exhilarating and safe as possible.

Types of Kayaks Offered

Captain Mike’s Kayak Rentals offers a wide range of single and tandem kayaks for half-day and full-day trips. The single and tandem kayaks are available to kayakers by reservation, which can be done a few hours to many weeks before a kayaking trip. All the single and tandem kayaks have been carefully selected and tested on Crystal River springs and found to be stable and comfortable enough for manatee tours and other trips. Captain Mike’s has assembled some of the most durable, adjustable, tracking, stable and comfortable kayaks to give adventurers and nature lovers the best collection for the ultimate paddling experience.

Single Kayaks

For short paddling trips to Three Sisters Springs and other sites on King’s Bay, the single kayaks offered by Captain Mike’s are wonderful crafts for kayakers. Designed to offer utmost comfort and stability, Captain Mike’s single kayaks are easy to maneuver, track very well and can carry paddlers of different weights safely. They come with convenient dimensions and have a car-topping handle system which makes them extremely easy to handle and control both on and off the water.

Tandem Kayaks

At Captain Mike’s Kayak Rentals, paddlers can save themselves some cash by using tandem kayaks. For those going out in groups, such as a husband and wife or workmates going for a bonding outing, getting a single tandem kayak instead of two solo kayaks can help reduce the cost of a paddling trip. Captain Mike’s tandem kayaks offer amazing stability and are a great option for those going out on paddling trips with their kids.

Sit-In and Sit-On-Top Kayaks

Apart from single and tandem kayaks, Captain Mike’s Kayak Rentals also provides several versatile sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks. The sit-in kayaks range from the touring recreational to day-touring models and are very fast, with covered cargo compartments and straight tracking. For those who want to free their hands for reeling and casting during their paddling trips, Captain Mike’s offers a wide range of sit-on-top kayaks with sophisticated pedal systems.

Depending on whether you prefer the openness of sit-on-top kayaks or the protection of traditional sit-in kayaks, your kayak weight, the cargo space you require and your budget, Captain Mike’s Kayak Rentals has a wide collection of kayaks to suit your needs. By renting one of our kayaks, you will complete your kayaking trip without a hitch. For more information on different types of kayaks you can rent, visit the “Captain Mike’s Kayak Rentals” site.


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