Want to experience the beauty and buzz of the slow sweet waters of Crystal River? Captain Mike’s Kayak Academy give you the best opportunity to splash through the gentle currents, explore the winding trails and enjoy a fun adventure with your friends and family. You will be amazed by the impeccably clear water and the immaculate sandy bottom of the river, and you will have fun! At Captain Mike’s Kayak Academy, revelers can have the 3 wonderful ways to enjoy kayaking in Crystal River:

Kayak for family bonding: For those looking to get closer to their loved ones, two tandem kayaks for a family of four is an amazing way to be physically closer to family members. The family will experience a team adventure in a stress-free relaxing environment, and end the day with stories and shared memories after the tour.
Kayaking for good health: While having fun, you and your family will get much needed exercise. In fact, you can burn up to 400 calories in just one hour of paddling.

Kayaking for love: Couples kayaking together can spend a romantic day on the slow quiet waters or enjoy a most exhilarating outing.

Kayaking and Manatee Tours in Crystal River

With the stable and easy to use kayaks offered by Captain Mike’s, participants can paddle along Crystal River enjoying a quiet and unforgettable experience. In Crystal River, a quiet kayaking tour is a cherished outing as it allows you to get closer to manatees of all types, especially in and around shallow waters. Kayak rentals enable tourists to have access to the most durable kayaks made of durable roto-molded polyethylene resins which are light, forgiving and easy to maneuver. The stability of the kayaks allows participants to take pictures with ease and take incredible manatee photographs to bring home.

Exploring the Waterways of Crystal River

Crystal River waters are exceptional in their natural beauty adorned with undisturbed islands, backwaters, inlets and backwaters that are treasured by nature lovers and photographers. Using a kayak, just like touring in a canoe, is known as paddling, but it differs from canoeing by the sitting position of the paddler and by the number of blades per paddle. In the kayak, the tourist faces forward with legs in front and using a double-bladed paddle. The lower profile of the kayak ensures that tourists can have the best view of Crystal River.

Affordable Kayak Rentals

If you do not want the cost of hiring a kayak to be a detriment to your Crystal River tour, working with Captain Mike’s is the way to go. When you rent from Captain Mike’s, you will get your kayak at the most affordable rental price and have it ready in time for your trip. You will also be outfitted in a single or tandem kayak and have access to delivery and pickup services.

When it comes to the most memorable paddling experiences in Crystal River, Captain Mike’s Kayak Academy is number one. Bring your friends or family today for an extraordinary experience. For more information, visit Captain Mike’s Kayak Academy or learn more about us online.


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