If you are an adventurer or nature lover, then kayaking in Crystal River, Fl., can offer you an amazing and memorable outing. By renting your kayak, you will not have to be shuttled around and can see and dive with the manatees at your own pace and convenience. For maximum kayaking pleasure on spots like Buzzard Island and Three Sisters Springs, Captain Mike’s Kayak Academyis strategically located to deliver the kayak you need for your trip. Operating from a location only minutes away from Three Sisters Springs, Captain Mike’s offers a wide range of kayaks and canoes. At Captain Mike’s, you can rent single and tandem kayaks for half-day or full-day trips any day all year.

Great value for money

At Captain Mike’s Kayak Academy, reserving a kayak is a quick, seamless process with no waiting and no delays. There are single and tandem kayaks available on application, coming with private on-the-water parking, top-of-the-range equipment, private launch and close proximity to Three Sisters Springs. The kayaks are some of the most comfortable, adjustable, tracking and durable boats you can find in King’s Bay. Captain Mike’s is a recreational facility that puts emphasis on value and affordability, making sure you get your kayak at the best price possible.

Reserving a kayak at Captain Mike’s

Captain Mike’s offers kayaks at competitive prices throughout the year. For instance, a single kayak is rented at $35 for a half-day trip and $45 for a full-day trip, while a tandem kayak goes for $55 for a half-day and $65 for a full-day trip. Walk-ins are from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., with closing time being 4:30 p.m. Once you choose your kayak and pay the rental fee, you will have to sign an agreement (complete the waiver and rental damage form) before you embark. You will be provided with maps and be directed to the places where manatees have been seen lately.

Friendly, helpful staff

Captain Mike’s is one of the friendliest kayak stores in Crystal River, Fl. Here you will be served with a smile and given the most accurate directions on how to launch and use your kayak safely throughout the trip. Kayaks, paddling gear, kayak lessons and kayak tours are all provided by the store, with both beginner and standard boards available. When working with Captain Mike’s, everything is well planned for you. You only need to make your reservation, get your kayak and hop in for your full-day or half-day trip. No hassles! And at the end of your trip, you can simply go to one of the nearest restaurants and have a cool drink or a quick bite.

Are you planning a kayaking or manatee tour? Would you like to rent the most comfortable, adjustable, tracking and safest kayak available? Call Captain Mike’s Kayak Academy today and reserve your kayak. For more information, visit the “Captain Mike’s Kayak Academy” site.


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