If you are looking for a place where you can see hundreds of manatees within a very short time, then the Three Sisters Springs is the ideal destination. Endowed with blue-green crystal clear water, the Three Sisters Springs provides an extraordinary experience with the manatees. Located in Crystal River, Citrus County, Florida, the Three Sisters Springs is a natural inlet on the eastern side of Kings Bay, where three springs containing vents and sand boils pass.

Restricted Access

The Three Sisters Springs is surrounded by privately-owned property, has no landfall and is home to hundreds of manatees, making it one of the most important sanctuaries of Crystal River. Since the only access to the springs has been blocked by concrete posts to prevent boats from entering the springs, the Three Sisters Springs is only accessible by canoes, kayaks, swimming or land. In order to preserve and protect the manatees and their habitat, the springs and surrounding areas have been declared manatee sanctuaries. They are closed to vessels but open to the public from Nov. 15 to March 31 each year. Tourists can see manatees in their natural habitat from the observation boardwalk that overlooks the springs.

Seeing Manatees

The Three Sisters Springs is a critical habitat for manatees. Manatees can be seen around and inside Three Sisters throughout the year, but they are there in very large numbers from November to end of March. As many as 500 manatees can be found in the area at that time. When summer comes, the manatees tend to leave the springs in search of food in the shallow, warm waters of Kings Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Therefore, to see as many manatees as possible in the springs, it is advisable to be there in the winter months.

The Three Sisters Springs empties into Kings Bay, the headwaters of Crystal River, which is 6 miles long and flows into the Mexican Gulf. A visit to the Three Sisters Springs is worth the money because there are hundreds of manatees in the springs throughout the year and you will be able to see and swim with these amazing giants. At Captain Mike’s we provide the most exclusive, memorable and affordable manatee tours in Crystal River. Our kayak rentals enable tourists to launch safely and comfortably and swim in the springs with utmost convenience. For more information on how to rent a kayak when you are in Crystal River, visit the “Captain Mike’s Kayak Academy” site.


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