Top Things To Do In Crystal River 300x170Crystal River is quickly becoming one of Florida’s top locations for people who want to enjoy the outdoors and unspoiled wildlife. Located on Florida’s West Coast, this relaxing tourist area has plenty of unique experiences to offer. And with its many rivers, springs, and creeks full of local wildlife, it is sure to bring out the outdoor adventurer in any visitor.

1. Kayaking. Three Springs is the beautiful wildlife refuge located near Crystal River, and the crystal clear water will show you exactly how the town got its name. Kayaking in Three Springs allows you the ability to paddle up the countless creeks and inlets teeming with wildlife. You are sure to find plenty of marine animals and birds in their natural habitat.

2. Pontoon Boat. For those who want to enjoy the wildlife and water without having to do the paddling themselves, there are plenty of options for pontoon boat rental. Friends and family can enjoy the cool breeze and the scenery as they float along some of Florida’s most beautiful coastline.

3. Swimming with Manatees. There is a good reason Crystal River calls itself the “Home of the Manatee.” Thanks to Crystal River’s naturally warm spring-fed waters, it has become one of the few places that manatees are known to flock to, especially in the cooler winter months.

This makes Crystal River one of the best places in Florida to swim with manatees. The large, gentle and playful creatures will offer a swimming experience that will not be forgotten.

Manatees are known to move around quite a bit so you may have to do a little looking to find them. Someone hoping to swim with the playful sea cows may want to rent a kayak to easily get to the best areas. Many kayak rental businesses even offer maps of areas where manatees have been spotted recently.

4. Scalloping. Fresh scallops are not just delicious, they are also fun to catch. And Crystal River is a natural hot spot for scalloping. Although it is possible to find scallops while wading on the shore, people with serious appetites for the shellfish will be best suited to scalloping from a boat or kayak.

A day out in Crystal River is sure to be fun. And with many individual and tandem kayaks available to rent, you are sure to get the most out of your time there. Among the options for kayak rentals, Captain Mike’s Kayak Academy stands out for its customer service and high-quality kayaks available for rent at affordable prices. They can also line up great manatee tours and have all the equipment available. For more information on swimming and kayaking with manatees in freshwater Florida springs, visit the Captain Mike’s Kayak Academy website.


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