A kayaking adventure in Crystal River, Florida, is a thrilling and memorable trip both for new and seasoned paddlers. With its beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife, Crystal River provides the rare opportunity to enjoy an adrenaline rush while interacting with nature up close. Kayaking is possible along the river, all around Kings Bay, to the springs and to the Gulf. You also can take the opportunity to swim with the manatees as you paddle and sample the exquisite beauty of Florida from one of its most famous rivers.

What about the weather conditions?

Most of the time, the weather in Crystal River is quite favorable for kayaking. You will be amazed by the clear water and dazed by the sandy bottom of the river as you paddle along. There is no need to worry about the waves as Crystal River water is often calm and friendly. While the East winds, Northeast winds or Northwest winds may sometimes exceed 10 knots and make the Bay and inland waters choppy, such periods are rare and the river enjoys nice weather most of the time. But even if there is a chop, it is often just light to moderate and will rarely affect your ability to paddle your boat. It is, however, important to be wary of the isolated thunderstorms, which may occur in the afternoon or evening. When there is lightning, make sure to postpone your trip (normally for an hour or so).

Be prepared for the cold water

The water temperature in Crystal River is constant at 72 degrees Fahrenheit year round. For a native Floridian or a visitor to Crystal River, this may be quite cold and you may find yourself shivering after just a few minutes on the water. So if you are not from a northern climate, make sure to wear a wetsuit. The suit will keep you warm and help you remain afloat should you dive into the water to swim with manatees.

Rent the right kayak

Lastly, when you go kayaking in Crystal River, you should make sure to use a boat that is equipped to handle the conditions well. You can either bring your boat or rent a kayak from one of the providers. At Captain Mike’s Kayak Rentals, we offer the best Crystal River kayaking experience at the best rates. We provide rentals for high quality single and double kayaks and accompany our boats with lessons on safe and proper kayaking. We deliver what we promise and guarantee that you will have an unforgettable experience. For more information, visit the “Captain Mike’s Kayak Rentals” site.


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