Are you flabby and out of shape but do not want to visit a gym or lack the motivation to perform the same old fitness routine? Are you thrilled by the thought of engaging in a fun and exhilarating adventure sport to burn those extra calories? If so then you should consider kayaking as a way to lose weight.

Kayaking engages the body

Kayaking in the open waters, springs, estuaries or small channels of Crystal River, Fl., is a great exercise for the upper-body component that is hardly achieved in the more traditional cardiovascular workouts. Balancing a boat during a paddling excursion engages the abdominal muscles and lower back, works the biceps, triceps, upper back and shoulders, and hammers the core as force is transferred from the paddle to the hull of a kayak. Apart from building up body muscles, strength and flexibility, kayaking is also a quick and effective way to burn calories and lose weight.

Factors affecting weight loss through paddling

The amount of calories burned when paddling depends on how quickly or slowly you go at it. If you take a scenic route and stop to enjoy the sights every few minutes or paddle leisurely, occasionally grabbing a beer as your craft drifts along, your calorie loss will be minimal. But if you paddle your boat for miles on Crystal River at a sustained speed, then you will burn many calories. Like any other weight loss workout, kayaking helps to burn a significant number of calories when you put in real effort.

How much calories can you burn?

Generally, four hours of sustained paddling burns up to 1,600 calories. However, it depends on a number of factors, including the weight of the paddler, the length of time spent on the water and the type of kayak used. According to the American Council on Exercise, the average number of calories burned per hour by a 125-pound paddler is 283 while a 150-pound paddler burns 340 calories per hour. The Harvard Health Publications also has reported that a 125-pound kayak is capable of burning up to 150 calories within half an hour while a heavy-class weight kayak of 200 pounds burns 450 calories within one hour. Similarly, a heavy-class weight kayak of 175 pounds burns 397 calories within one hour.

Effort equals quantity of calories burnt

The basic principle in burning body fat through kayaking is that you burn more calories if you drag more weight across the water. But other factors such as wind, current as well as your paddling speed also will affect the amount of calories burned. So essentially, anything that makes paddling tougher or more strenuous is good for you because it enables you to burn more calories.

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